Human Resources Audit

A Human Resources Audit is a process where everything related to the people in your organization is evaluated – policies, procedures, documents, systems and practices.

A good Human Resources Audit will discover not only the strengths in the people-side of your business, but will also highlight areas for improvement, and what is missing.

Full-cycle Recruitment

Recruitment is a part of doing business. We will work with you to ensure every new hire is the right fit – for your company, for your team, and for the role. We do this by getting to know your business, your culture and your needs.

We will craft the ad, screen the resumes, check the references, and present you with a short list of highly qualified candidates to choose from.


Once we have an accepted offer from our top candidate, we then need to plan for a proper onboarding, to ensure they have a great “new employee” experience. Is their workspace ready for them? What is the plan for their first day? Their first week? We can help you put one together, and get all the required paperwork organized for them. This will make them feel welcome, part of your team, and ready to start contributing.


Need some training done? We have a number of training programs to suit your requirements. If none of ours are the right fit for you, we can customize one that will fulfill your requirements. We will prepare all the training materials/handouts. All you have to do is add people.


Training Gap Analysis

Don’t know where to start? We can begin with an inventory of current skills in your organization, and look at what skills are required to move your business forward. We can then design a training plan to fill the gap.

This is a great tool for increasing employee engagement. Employees see that their development is being invested in. It’s a win-win.

Succession Planning

Are you ready if one of your key employees were to leave your organization? It’s important to have a succession plan in place, in the event you are faced with this situation.

Armed with your list of key employees, we can work with you to put a plan in place to get employees who are ready for the next phase in their career, ready to take that step.

Employee Engagement

Are your employees committed to the success of your organization? Don’t know? Let’s find out! With a customized Employee Engagement Survey that is confidential, employees will tell you what your organization is doing well, what you could improve upon, and what you can do to ensure they LOVE it!

Performance Management

Performance management is vital to the success of your organization. We can develop a program unique to your organization, to help you evaluate, manage, and increase the performance of your employees. We can also work with you to create a culture of “on-the-spot” performance management (if this is more your style). This program provides timely, on-the-spot coaching moments, that are very effective.


Attendance Management

We help you put in place an excellent attendance management program, and depending on your needs…we can manage it for you, or we would be happy to teach you how to do it yourself. We guarantee that this program, once implemented and communicated correctly to your employees, will result in a reduction of incidental employee absenteeism.

Short and Long Term Disability Management

Short Term and Long Term Disability claims can be very time-consuming to manage.

Let us show you how to control costs, reduce days lost, and get your employees back into the workplace sooner. There are some easy options you can add to this program that will reap great dividends.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict in the organization can make everyone uncomfortable, and drag productivity down. Let us work with you to put a plan in place to eliminate the conflict and get the focus back on work.

No current issues? Great! Be proactive, book a lunch ‘n learn session on “Building Healthy Relationships in the Workplace”.

Grievance Management

Too many grievances? Too little time? We will take the time to clearly understand your collective agreements, in order to manage the grievances on your behalf.

With over 23 years of grievance management, collective bargaining and arbitration experience, we have the expertise to take care of this portfolio for you.


Behind the Scenes

Policy Development

The policies of your business establish the rules of conduct within your organization, and outline everyone’s responsibilities.

Policy development usually starts with an audit, to determine what policies you currently have, and areas that are lacking. Utilizing best practices, we will work with you to ensure your policies meet the legislative requirements (where applicable), and to craft new policies to shape how you want things to operate within your business.

Employee Communication

Regular communication with your employees is one of the keys to employee retention. Keeping your employees in the loop on what is happening in your organization fosters a sense of belonging and gives employees a sense of ownership over their role within your business. We can work with you to create a communication plan for your employees.

We can work with you to create a communication plan for your employees that reflects the essence of your business, and draws employees to lean in and participate.

Job Description Design

Properly written job descriptions are a meaningful tool for setting expectations and managing employee performance. Everyone knows what is expected of each role, so there are no surprises. An effective job description is also important when recruiting. It gives a clear picture to the candidate of the skill set required, and what kind of tasks they can be expected to perform.

We can work with you to craft meaningful, effective job descriptions, specific to your needs.

Employee Handbooks

An Employee Handbook is a great tool for helping new employees get a sense of “knowing the ropes” of your organization. It is also an effective communication piece for those not-so-new employees – it acts as a reminder of workplace policies, reinforces your corporate culture, and gives a sense of belonging. We can help you build it, so it looks….and sounds….just like your organization.