Allison Benson HR

Allison Benson HR is a small, boutique-style firm that emphasizes personalized, professional services without the downtown prices. Having recently left the corporate world after 23 years, where the bottom line was always the focus, Allison is fully aware of the need to be cost-conscious in the development and delivery of services.

Allison is a strong believer in building business through building relationships and trust, and wants to make the people-side of the business easy for her clients.

As a business owner, you need to focus on building your business. You likely don’t have the time to hire a replacement employee for someone who has just resigned, or create a performance management program to ensure your employees are on track and working towards the goals of your business.

There may be some training you want done, but just don’t have time to do it.


This is where Allison Benson HR can help you. Whether it is hiring a new employee and helping onboard them into your business, or building an attendance management program to boost productivity, or managing that ever-growing stack of grievances. Allison Benson HR can take care of this end of things, so you can focus on your end of things: building your business!

Allison Benson HR works with small to medium-sized business owners with anywhere from 5 – 200 employees; Human Resources Directors who need to augment their current HR team for a specific project; plus unionized employers who need some assistance with union management.

Our goal is to make the Human Resources side of your business easy for you!